Chinese FM: US Indo-Pacific Strategy Aims to Provoke Confrontation

Chinese FM: US Indo-Pacific Strategy Aims to Provoke Confrontation
Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang answers questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on China's foreign policy and external relations at the Media Center, Beijing, China, March 7, 2023. /CFP

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang accused the U.S. of trying to form exclusive blocs and provoke confrontation in the Asia-Pacific region during a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, Chinese state-run CGTN reported.

Qin, who spoke on the sidelines of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress, said the U.S. is trying to plotan Asia-Pacific version of NATO and weaken regional integration through decoupling.

"The U.S. claim to 'shape the strategic environment in which China operates' actually reveals the real purpose of its Indo-Pacific strategy, that is to encircle China,” he said. “Such an attempt will only disrupt the ASEAN-centered, open, and inclusive regional cooperation architecture, and undermine the overall and long-term interests of regional countries. It is bound to fail," Qin added.

He emphasized the importance of win-win cooperation in Asia, cautioning against geopolitical conflict. Qin stated that Asia should not be a platform for a new Cold War or a repeat of the crisis in Ukraine, urging joint efforts in pursuing security and development to build a shared future in the region.

The press conference comes amid rising tensions over Taiwan, with Qin saying no other country should interfere with China’s internal affairs and the measures it has to take to achieve “reunification”.

China’s top official has warned Washington not to cross “the red line” and change its approach to China or there will “surely be conflict and confrontation”.

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is set to meet Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen in the United States in April, as a part of her trip to Guatemala and Belize, sources told different U.S. media.

Both sides have yet to officially confirm the meeting.