China's Chief Envoy Chides US, Commends Russia Ties as EU Tour Wraps Up

China's Chief Envoy Chides US, Commends Russia Ties as EU Tour Wraps Up

The United States must not utilize the balloon incident to advance its domestic political agenda, China's top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi, emphasized during his concluding remarks of a week-long visit to the European Union.

Speaking to Chinese state media, Wang stated that the U.S. had “sensationalized the incident and abused its force to discredit China,” criticizing the U.S. handling of a Chinese balloon, the South China Morning Post reported.

"The history books in the future will show this is a farce made by the U.S.," said Wang, calling on Washington to “show sincerity” and “resolve the damage caused to China-U.S. ties.”

In a post-tour interview with Chinese state media on Wednesday, Wang announced the resumption of high-level talks between China and the EU, which had been on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With diplomatic ties established two decades ago, the dialogue between the two sides will focus on economic, green, digital, and cultural issues.

Wang also highlighted that European politicians recognized China's position and role in the world, with hopes of reopening institutional dialogue and exchanges in various fields for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Wang's visit, which included stops in France, Italy, Hungary, and Russia, aimed to repair China's ties with European nations amid rising tensions with the United States.

In Moscow Wang met with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The two permanent members of the UN Security Council agreed that they should promote polarization and “oppose unilateral bullying” in the midst of the changing global landscape.

"Sino-Russian cooperation is never targeted at, nor influenced by, third parties, and has independent values and its own practices," Wang noted.

Wang attributed the global political turmoil to UN Charter not being “truly observed” and called on all nations to resist hegemony unanimously, as well as avoid doing as they deem fit or hold double standards.

Wang’s statements come amid Washington’s announcements on China possibly providing “lethal aid” to Russia. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has rejected the claims and accused Washington of spreading misinformation.