China Leads the Global 5G Race

China Leads the Global 5G Race
Photo by Li Yang / Unsplash

China has constructed the world's largest 5G network, with more than 2.31 million 5G base stations covering all urban areas, prefecture-level cities, and counties nationwide, a state-run CGTN reported based on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

According to the chief engineer and spokesman for MIIT, Tian Yulong, China will continue to promote 5G applications across various industries and integrate 5G technologies with the industrial internet.

The 5G+ industrial internet sector will play a vital role in driving digitalization and intelligent transformation, he added during a press conference on Wednesday.

Despite being excluded from many liberal democracies, Huawei, a Chinese technology corporation, has secured multiple commercial agreements globally to construct advanced 5G networks, the Diplomat reported. It is expected to emerge as the leading 5G service provider in sub-Saharan Africa, with rivals trailing behind, and has already reached dominance in Central Asia.

China has also accelerated the research and development of 6G technology. As early as 2019, a promotion group for IMT-2030 (6G) was established to advance the industrial production, education, research, and application of the sector. China has also released several white papers related to the launch of technological tests on 6G, a state-backed news agency ECNS reported.

China has achieved significant progress in the development of its industrial sector over the past decade, further consolidating its position as a major manufacturing power with an extensive cyber presence and 41 major industrial categories, said Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of MIIT. He noted that China is the only country in the world that has defined all industrial categories in the United Nations industrial classification.

China's industrial structure has been improving, with high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing accounting for 15.5 percent and 31.8 percent of the entire industrial sector's value-added last year, up from 9.4 percent and 28 percent respectively a decade ago.